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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today is the last day..

hurmm..arini last day aq kt LEE WAI TENT SPECIALIST SDN BHD...will miss this place..
will miss what im doing everyday in this place..

  • smpi je slalu kne 2nggu at least 10 minutes kt kte..gate xbkak ag...
  • naek ofis bkak pintu y kuncinye di letakkn at the hidden,xd spe y tau..
  • bkak lmpu,switch on aircond..
  • switch on photostate machine
  • letk beg kt krusi open pc..
  • bkak tingkp bilik Mr. Yong,amk sudu kt sinki,breakfast..
  • smbil mkn on 9 ar..
  • on fb smpi kol 10 a.m...
  • nmpk Ms Teh da smpi kelam kabut amik pen wt2 mnulis..huhu..
  • kol 1 blk umh..lunch...
  • msk blk kol 2..on9 lg..
  • wt kje pon dlm 1 jam je..
  • n the rest is on9,on9 & 0n9..
  • kol 5.30 ttup tngkap,switch off aircond..
  • check fb dlu (fb lg..)
  • off pc,photostate machnine..
  • kunci pintu..sorok kunci blk..
so, bnde ni ar y aq wt spnjg 5 bln kje kt cni..

                         will miss doing all this!!!
                     GUDBYE ;(

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